History of Santa Fe | Demi Moore the Goddess


It’s now been 105 years since the Union was fortunate enough to accept New Mexico as it’s 47th state. Remaining a total individual with its own character and identity, we’ll reflect on some of the past of New Mexico and why it’s become the major player that it is today. The Manhattan Project is till … [Read more…]

Life on the Road with SFG4


Although we love what we do, living on the road is not as easy as it seems. There are time where the Santa Fe Guitar Quartet will be on the road for several months at a time, and it isn’t easy. It was much easier when we were younger men, but as we have grown … [Read more…]

How do hotel star ratings work?

Hotels star rating system is an internationally recognized ranking system which gives an idea about the overall quality and luxury of the hotel. The purpose of the star rating is to serve as a guideline for the customers before booking a hotel. It’s usual to book this through a big site like booking.com or lastminute. … [Read more…]

Is hotel work as hard as they say?

The hotel industry provides rewarding opportunities for potential employees. Whether you are willing to work in the security department, supplies, kitchen, reception, cleaning and IT or any other department, the intensity or work and remuneration varies. The problem is that many potential employees do not know how this is industry works let alone what to … [Read more…]