How do hotel star ratings work?

Hotels star rating system is an internationally recognized ranking system which gives an idea about the overall quality and luxury of the hotel. The purpose of the star rating is to serve as a guideline for the customers before booking a hotel. It’s usual to book this through a big site like or lastminute.


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The star ratings are generally scaled from 5 to 1; where 5 star indicating the best and 1 star representing the worst. Though the star ratings are common throughout the world, there is no standard way to describe a particular rated hotel. For example, facilities provided by a 3 star hotel in one country may be provided by a 2 star in another country. Some hotels even claim to be a 7 star hotel, but there is no official statement regarding that. 7 star hotels are nothing but a 5 star hotel and it is just an advertising gimmick to claim as a 7 stars.

The star ratings are given by considering many factors such as size of a room, amenities provided, restaurant quality, entertainment and facilities like gym, spa and many other such factors. These ratings are generally given by the travelers or by the tourism department. In many countries, the rating is given by the automobile clubs such as AAA (American Auto Association) which also printed hotel guides. Forbes, a business magazine launched its travel guide and introduced the star rating system. Each organization has their own way of allocating star ratings.

Basic Idea of How Do Hotel Star Ratings Work:

Though there is no standard way to classify the hotels according to the star ratings, the following guideline gives a basic idea.

1-Star: Small hotel with basic accommodation and facilities may or may not include a TV in a room. These generally do not have a restaurant.

2-Star: Basic accommodation with few facilities like TV in a room, laundry service and may or may not have a restaurant.

3-Star: These have spacious accommodations with multiple room options and with facilities like a good restaurant, pool and fitness center.

4-Star: Large rooms and suits with multiple options. Facilities like restaurants, bar, business facilities, one or more swimming pools, valet parking, and complimentary breakfast are available.

5-Star: Luxury accommodation with all the facilities and services mentioned above. These hotels offer a high degree of personal service, room service generally available for 24 hours, flawless guest service, and amenities with highest comfort standards.

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You may still not get the facilities mentioned above for a particular star if you book a hotel. It is better to see the star ratings and user reviews given in various websites of that particular hotel at the time of booking.

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