Is hotel work as hard as they say?

The hotel industry provides rewarding opportunities for potential employees. Whether you are willing to work in the security department, supplies, kitchen, reception, cleaning and IT or any other department, the intensity or work and remuneration varies. The problem is that many potential employees do not know how this is industry works let alone what to expect when employed there.


So, is hotel work hard? Well, yes and no in the sense that several factors come into play when determining whether working there is worth your time. For instance, your attitude, temperament as well as your set of skills are crucial in answering this question.

If you are fond of dealing with guests, the front desk is for you. Booking rooms, directing lost guests, battling language barrier and managing the front office is all yours. However, be sure to deal with crazy number of guests if there is a conference or expo in town. On the other hand, there are cleaners who have to deal with cleaning hundreds of rooms including the bedding, hall ways, lounges and recreational facilities if they are included in the hotel infrastructure. The problem is that you have to meet crazy timelines handling tons of bedding and huge floor area. The plus is that there are cleaning devices and machines provided by many hotels to ease the process.


Hotel employees working in the kitchen area are the ones facing serious challenges. The chefs, dish washers, supply department, waiters and waitresses are the ones who always work endlessly.

All work schedules have to be completed on time while keeping up with huge number of orders. The time of the day or night does not matter here. The good thing is that there are shifts so if you hate early rising or working late, the work description is definitely flexible. Working in a hotel is all about fulfilling your goals and doing what you love and this should make your life easy. If you work just to make money, it surely will be hard every single day.

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